Asserting your claims without risk of costs  – sports consulting establishment (sce) bears all costs required for effectively enforcing your claims.

We are one team  – sports consulting establishment (sce) does not only support you financially, but also in terms of our litigation experience, our cooperation experts and the know-how of our cooperating lawyers. All components taken together form our team. We offer you competent support in filing and enforcing your claims. The earlier the assertion of claims is organised and controlled, the higher are your chances to be successful.

Equality of arms based on professionalism – sports consulting establishment (sce) does not only secure you financially during the proceeding, but creates an equality of arms based on medical and legal expertise. Many clients are defeated because of not always impartial expert opinions. Owing to our legal and medical know-how, we can balance this deficit and pave the way for reassessment by counter-opinion. If the expert opinion is erroneous, there is also a way to reassessment.

Success through tailor-made support - sports consulting establishment (sce) guarantees individual support by just one lawyer exclusively taking care of you throughout the entire proceeding. The lawyer can thus offer you full commitment for entirely focussing on your individual case. We don't do mass processing.

Secured also in the event of loss – sports consulting establishment (sce) bears all costs of the adverse party - even in case of defeat. There is no financial risk involved for you.