Sports Consulting Establishment

Don't keep your opponent waiting

You are a contract athlete and currently injured, or incurred significant injuries within the course of your career?

You do not know what claims you are entitled to against social insurance agencies and insurance companies, nor whether your claims were fully paid to you or whether any payments were unjustly denied?

Then contact us for a cost-free first consultation and review of the eligibility of your claims.

sports consulting establishment (sce) takes on the client's entire risk of litigation costs in exchange for success participation, and organises the enforcement of your legitimate claims against the respective social insurance agencies or insurance companies before any governmental civil or social court or arbitration tribunal in Austria, Switzerland, Liechtenstein or Germany.

The partner law firm Jelenik & Partner AG advising our clients has outstanding expertise in Liechtenstein, Austria, Switzerland and Germany. It has been successfully working for its clients on an international level. We provide this know-how to our clients exclusively and on a cost-neutral basis.

Financing is simple and fair: We offer you our individual financing. You pay us only a success fee in the form of a percentage of the payments made by the opposing party, which ranges from 8 - 25%. Thus, for example, in the case of a success fee of 20%, you keep 80% of all payments received from the opposing party during the time of our support. We on the other hand retain 20% of the payments made by the opposing party. There is neither any small print nor any complicated calculation examples.

Financing is comprehensible, verifiable and transparent.


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