Risk of litigation costs

Risk of loss of claim / Risk of litigation costs

If you file wrong or incorrectly formulated applications for invalidity compensation or pension payments, your claim can be forfeited already before you have even started to put up a fight. The process of conducting the complex proceeding already starts at that point.

Also litigation costs can quickly accumulate to considerable sums, especially the advance payments for lawyers, the court, experts and, if necessary, private counter-opinions. If the out-of-court proceeding which initially started on friendly terms then even runs through several court instances, it gets really expensive depending on the country.

And if the adverse party wins the case although you were clearly in the right, then in some countries you will have to pay the costs incurred by the adverse party and, if applicable, additionally an administrative fine possibly fixed by the court.

However, this risk should not be a reason for you to give up your right to invalidity compensation without a fight. When the medical facts suggest a claim for invalidity compensation, then sports consulting establishment (sce) together with its cooperating lawyers and their know-how is the right partner for you to jointly succeed.