First feedback

You receive a first feedback within 24 hours after full review of your medical documents. This review is considerably quickly if you submit medical documents such as MRT-reports, operation reports, any notices and medical opinions directly with the request for review.

The way

The way to financing proceedings and litigation is very simple:

  • You have a promising claim, because you incurred severe injuries - e.g. a cruciate ligament rupture - during your employment as a semi-professional or professional athlete. You now ask us to team up with you as a strong player professionally supporting you with the enforcement of your financial claims.
  • You contact sports consulting establishment (sce) and provide us with medical documents for our review. We need medical documents such as MRT reports, initial reports of doctors after the accident, discharge reports of hospitals, operation reports, any notices and medical opinions of statutory or private accident insurance companies. If you no longer have any documents, we require the exact accident data and the employer (sports association) where you were insured at the time of the accident. Our cooperating lawyers then obtain the medical documents on your behalf.
  • Your case is examined entirely without cost. Please note that we are not allowed to provide any legal advice. Generally, you will within 24 hours after review of all documents receive our feedback as to whether we can offer you litigation financing individually tailored to your specific case.
  • From the time of the conclusion of the contract, sports consulting establishment (sce) pays all necessary court costs, the cooperating lawyer, necessary costs for experts and witnesses.
  • The proceeding and any lawsuit are then conducted exclusively by our cooperating lawyers. The progress of the proceeding is then reported to you either by us or directly by the cooperating lawyer. The cooperating lawyer drafts a tailor-made strategy for your individual case without having to coordinate it with us.
  • Generally, the cooperating lawyer never supports more than ten clients at the same time. This enables a swift and efficient conduct of the proceeding.