Success participation

Our success fee

After the enforcement of your claims, the success fee will be calculated. We retain the contractually agreed share in the awarded sum.

If the proceeding or litigation is successful, we receive the individually agreed share in the awarded sum ranging from 8-25%

If the success fee amounts to 20% of the awarded sum, you thus keep 80% of the claim realised out of court or by judgment without you having to use any own capital or bear any own risk.

If we are defeated out of court or in court, we assume all costs of proceedings, settlement and litigation. You do not pay anything.

Alternatively, depending on the complexity of the proceeding, further individual agreements on the scope of the success fee will also be possible.

If you are a client residing in Germany or Austria, you pay our invoice for the success fee without value added tax. Thus, with us you always save 19-20% of the success fee due to our location in Liechtenstein.