Wolfgang Niersbach

Hardly any other personality of German football is as familiar with the history of the world cup as Wolfgang Niersbach. Albeit not as a player, the 67-year-old was right in the middle of the last eleven (!!!) world cups in various functions.

  • 1974 until 1986 as a journalist of the sport information service (sid)
  • 1990 until 1998 as chief press officer of the German national team
  • 2002 and 2006 as organiser of the German Football Association (DFB)
  • 2010 as member of the DFB delegation
  • 2014 as head of the DFB delegation

Wolfgang Niersbach, who grew up in Düsseldorf and also started his professional career there before joining the DFB in Frankfurt for 27 years, has relocated both his private and professional residency to Munich.

Since his retirement as DFB President in November 2015, he has worked as a journalist and consultant, but based on his immense experience - he was personally present at 450 international matches of the German national team - he is particularly in demand as a keynote speaker for partners and institutions interested in football.